6 Delicious Recipes to Make to get you in the Spirit of Autumn

6 Delicious Recipes to Make to get you in the Spirit of Autumn

The changes in season always make me want to really live in that moment and celebrate all the things that are happening at that time. 

As a small business owner making candles I can't deny that the house is full of flickering light and autumn-y scents, I also love taking Mrs Ears out on her walks crunching the leaves underfoot. 

But I love cooking really delicious and warming foods to celebrate the Autumn season and here's my rundown of favourites.

1 Pimped up porridge 

Bous studio is blinking freezing I am not going to lie, this time of year its not unusual for me to be wearing my granny thermals underneath layers of clothing, a beanie and even a fingerless glove if it's really bad! however I cannot stress how great porridge is to start off the day with, it really is central heating for your tum'.  There's also nothing more exciting then choosing your toppings, you can go wild with this too right? One of my go-tos at the moment is chopped fig, a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of seeds.

2 Pecan pie

short crust, pecan crunch, maple syrupy goodness, this is great after a Sunday dinner or as a treat with coffee. You can totally cheat here and buy the ready made sweet pastry and it becomes super quick and easy to make. Here's the recipe! 

3 Pumpkin pie

Another sweet pie recipe so get the kettle on! This takes me right back to being a kid, sat waiting very impatiently while my mum makes it, it's so delicious with its spicy and sweet taste, its kind of got the same smooth consistency as a lemon tart and super easy to make. I'm a 90s kid this is a receipe from Delia's book, How to Cook (the one with the picture of the eggs on the front!), you can also find the recipe here.

If you can only get hold of a butternut squash, Jamie has done a great (and super easy) alternative here.

4 Cumberland sausage with cheesy mash 

I couldn't not put this in, This sausage is legendary around cumbria and the lake district, a lot of local butchers have their own (slightly varied) recipe and it's offend a deeply guarded secret! For those that haven't had Cumberland sausage before, well you are in for a treat, its peppery and soooo cosy to eat, especially with mash.  I am including Nigel Slaters recipe here.

5 Beetroot soup

this recipe comes straight from River Cottage, it's warm, filling and super delicious. Not to mention the colour is incredible from the beetroot.  Made with beef stock (although it can be changed) its got a really nice dark rounded taste to it. Topped with feta cheese the acid cuts right through. Here's the recipe but a warning, try do most of the beet prep in a bowl in the sink and don't wear your best cream cardi, that pink stuff as stains!

6 Chai

Ok so not a food but I had to include this, chai (Indian for tea) is a spiced warm drink. I have tried and tested so many off the shelf versions in teabag and powder form and for me the flavour doesnt get anywhere close to how delicious this version is.  Taken from the Dishoom book(and also online here), it's a 20 min make, but the great thing about it is you can keep it on the hob and warm up again and drink it throughout the day.  A great option if you work from a freezing cold studio too! A little tip, I half the sugar amount and don't include the black tea for a great caffeine free alternative).

I'd love to know what your favourite recipes, things to eat and drink are this time of year, share with me below!

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