About Bous

Bous began at the kitchen table in 2016 when Kate was looking to create clean, natural scented candles that contained no nasty ingredients or weird naggy undertones. Kate was an experienced designer and product developer in the lingerie and swimwear world back then.   Her inquisitive brain and desire to create products that smelled incredible without compromising the environment led her to set up a brand of her own.  She was blessed with a family of shopkeepers who became her most cherished mentors through the journey of leaving the corporate world but has definitely been the best decision she has made.  Bous means anything positive or loved, and Kate has created a brand which values product and quality before anything else. 


Bous is currently stocked in a number of independent shops, galleries, holistic and wellness salons around the UK and Europe.

She also has an artisan cooperative, Shop for the Senses a business she set up with her friend Victoria Irving which champions small independent brands based in the Lake District where she lives.


Bous Candles and Home Fragrance is a small batch maker, this image shows a batch of wood wick scented candles being labelled up