A Gift From Me To You

A Gift From Me To You

pack of 3 scented tealights

Hands up who is sick of talking about lockdown? Being in lockdown and feeling like it’s never ending.  I know I am and can't stop thinking about how everyone else is doing.


I’ve not seen my family since before Xmas and long to give each and everyone a big hug and kiss.  My parents especially, but both on the high risk list. 


Taking each day as it comes and also trying to find some sort of routine has definitely helped me, exercise, work, cooking nice wholesome dinners a highlight of my day for sure.  Also enjoying small things like the waggy tail of Mrs Ears and the sunshine streaming through the window.


For those that don’t know the definition of Bous is anything positive or loved, and I want to do something positive for you lovely lot.  I have decided to give each order to the value of over £35 for the rest of the month a gift, a pack of 3 tealights.  In hope that they give you a small light of hope, a little treasure of escapism.  


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