More on Palo Santo - a natural incense

More on Palo Santo - a natural incense

For those that are familiar with Palo Santo sticks they will know how truly gorgeous these smell. A sweet scent of citrusy pine with a touch of mint.⁣

I’ve got these sustainably sourced delights available as sets that include this spotted feather for wafting.⁣

For those that have no idea what they are looking at read on...⁣


Hold a match under the end of the stick until the end catches light. Allow the new flame to burn for around 5 seconds. Then blow it out. This lovely natural incense will start to smoulder and release it’s gorgeous scent into your environment. Use the feather to waft the scent as you move around your room. It creates deliciously relaxing and opulent environment. ⁣

It has been used for centuries to rid the space of negative energy and is also called Holy Wood.⁣

I’d love to know what you think to these and what your rituals and habits when you use them?!


Kate x

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