New Spring and Summer Scents

New Spring and Summer Scents

Serene collection, Lemongrass

Making scent from scratch is no easy task but it’s a rewarding one.  This summer I launched Serene, inspired by a trip to Bangkok..

During sunrise at the Temple of Dawn a warm breeze carries the scent of lemongrass and verbena which help you find your inner peace.

Grounded by notes of cedarwood, Serene is a tranquil journey to help you unwind.

Top notes - lemongrass, spanish verbena
Heart note- amyris
Base note - Virginian cedarwood

This scent is aimed at those looking for something to unwind with, lemongrass is said to help boost the mood while helping to feel content.  Amyris which has a similar scent to sandalwood but is more ethical has a slightly sweet but resiny character to it as well as being woody.  Amyris is said to bring clarity to a very chatty mind, lift anxiety and stress.  Why not try it for yourself? Find the whole collection here


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