Sankalpa - Harnessing what you already have

Sankalpa - Harnessing what you already have



Good morning and happy new week to you all.  

I hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to take some time for yourself.  Yesterday morning I attended a Yoga workshop.  I did a lot of stretching, learned about Mantras.  Did some meditation and lots of deep rest.  It was incredible and I am so thankful I took part.  Today I feel totally reset and re-energised for the new week.
One exercise we carried out was something called Sankalpa.  It is re-looking at how we take on new years resolutions and to not set unrealistic expectations but rather look within on what you have and harness it.  So a took a deep breath and thought about mine, then proceeded to write it down. 
'The creativity exists within me and I am harnessing it' 
I really think that I am going to pin this little note on the wall in my studio just to remind myself from time to time that I totally have 'got this'! 
What would your Sankalpa be?
Photo shows Wild Harvest Sweet Grass Incense Sticks. Sweet Grass also known as Bison Grass symbolises healing and peace.

This scent is sweet, fresh and features green notes.  It can be described as calming and grounding and certainly doesn't have any kind of nag to it.

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