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Bous Candles and Home Fragrance

Yoga Gift Box, yoga spray, meditation pillow and silk scrunchie

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This gift box features a 100ml yoga spray, a linen lavender filled meditation eye pillow, a silk scrunchie 

Perfect for those that love to wind down with a yoga session.

It's fully complete with a hand written message of your choice (please pop your gift message in the comments box which is located in the shopping basket).

- Bous yoga mat and space prep spray, in a choice of Serene or Lunette

- A linen lavender filled eye pillow, great for meditation and deep relaxing

-  genuine silk skinny scrunchie, available in either green, orange or purple


During sunrise at the Temple of Dawn a warm breeze carries the scent of lemongrass and verbena which help you find your inner peace.

Grounded by notes of cedarwood, Serene is a tranquil journey to help you unwind.

Top notes - lemongrass, spanish verbena Heart note- amyris
Base notes - Virginian cedarwood


Translates as ‘little moon’ in french, designed for those that enjoy gazing at the night sky whilst dreaming about lands far away.

Lunette, is a very relaxing scent with lavender and frankincense oils. It’s great for unwinding to during yoga/meditation practice.

Top Note- lavender,
Heart notes - rose geranium, ylang ylang Ground note - frankincense

to clean your mat, spray on a slightly damp clean cloth, wipe over your mat and allow to dry naturally.

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