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Bous Candles and Home Fragrance

Yoga Mat and Space Prep Spray 100ml

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Yoga Mat and Space Prep Spray  100ml

Available in Lunette & Serene essential oil mixes, the most relaxing yoga scents, great to refresh your yoga mat with and also prep the space. 

100ml glass spray bottle with cap.

Choose from the following scents:


During sunrise at the Temple of Dawn a warm breeze carries the scent of lemongrass and verbena which help you find your inner peace.

Grounded by notes of cedarwood, Serene is a tranquil journey to help you unwind.

Top notes - lemongrass, spanish verbena Heart note- amyris
Base notes - Virginian cedarwood



Translates as ‘little moon’ in french, designed for those that enjoy gazing at the night sky whilst dreaming about lands far away.

Lunette, is a very relaxing scent with lavender and frankincense oils. It’s great for unwinding to during yoga/meditation practice.

Top Note- lavender,
Heart notes - rose geranium, ylang ylang Ground note - frankincense

to clean your mat, spray on a slightly damp clean cloth, wipe over your mat and allow to dry naturally.